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Lil Glamben

Episode 172

Do you find yourself struggling with the complex dynamics of caregiving? Meet Lil Glamben, someone who knows firsthand how caregiving can change and strain a relationship. Lil faced numerous challenges while caring for her mother and stepfather during her own menopause journey. Despite facing challenges, she approached them with unwavering faith, which led her to not only overcome them, but also experience profound personal growth and uncover unforeseen paths to healing.
Lil talks openly about caregiving and highlights the important but sometimes unnoticed parts of this challenging task. She emphasizes the importance of respecting her mother’s wishes, even if it meant being less involved than she had planned. By doing so, she was able to provide the support her stepfather needed and then care for him, which led to a profound journey of healing. Lil’s story reminds us of the importance of finding help during tough times. It offers inspiration for others going through similar situations.
As our conversation comes to an end, we delve into the significance of nurturing oneself, embracing joy, and creating meaningful daily rituals throughout the menopausal journey. Lil explains how understanding multitasking and serving others can bring about positive changes, leading to more happiness and fulfillment. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration during their midlife caregiving season.

0:03    Transforming Menopause and Caregiving Experiences
8:22.    Caregiving and Healing Through Difficult Relationships
20:49   Blessings Through Hardship and Caregiving
24:28   Menopause and the Importance of Self-Care

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Lil Glamben

Lil Glamben

Lil Glamben, M.Ed. is on a mission to transform beliefs, experiences, and options around menopause and aging, so women can connect with and fulfill our souls’ deepest desires, dreams, and destinies during our midlife and beyond.

Lil has launched Turn On Your Menopausal Superpowers! a transformational coaching program which features 7 Secrets to turn on 7 Superpowers in 7 weeks. Her method derives from over 30 years in behavioral health consulting, academia, philanthropy, women’s empowerment, personal/spiritual development, and caregiving. She “officially” menopaused 10+ years ago and LOVE it!


*Transcript is an actual recount of the live conversation

            Meet Your Host

Rayna Neises

Rayna Neises, ACC

Author of No Regrets: Hope for Your Caregiving Season, Editor of Content Magazine, ICF Certified Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host, & Positive Approach to Care® Independent Trainer offering encouragement, support, and resources to those who are in a Season of Caring for Aging Parents.

Her passion is for those caring and their parents, so that both might be seen, not forgotten & cared for, not neglected.

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  1. Althea McIntyre

    Another great episode! Love her message on self-care and your message on needs versus wants.

    • Rayna Neises

      Thanks so much Althea, Lil has such passion and thankfulness for her caregiving season it is a blessing!


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