Welcome to the Caring Quiz!

Every person is different.

I often wonder how in the world my sister and I were born from the same parents and raised in the same house and ended up so different.

That’s the plan. We are different by design.

Each person brings strengths and talents to a caring season.  Therefore, every good caring team will have a variety of different personalities.

Rayna Neises, author of No Regrets:  Hope for your Caregiving Season has partnered with Jen Williams to create this fun quiz to help you better understand your caring style.

Take the quiz today and receive additional information on building your team and other helpful tips for living out your caring season with no regrets.

Caring for a loved one can be challenging.  But having the support of a team can make all the difference.


Learning about your style of caring can help you better understand your needs as well as who else you need on your team.  Discover how to best care for you and your loved one in this season.

If you had to guess, which of the HOPE team do you think you are?


No need to just guess, take the quiz and find out!

Rayna Neises

Rayna Neises, ACC

Rayna Neises is a Jesus lover, farm wife, grandmother to 7, and dog mom to 3. 

As author of No Regrets:  Hope for your Caregiving Season, a former teacher, and Sylvan Learning Center owner, Rayna is currently an Associated Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.  Additionally she hosts the podcast A Season of Caring Podcast

As a coach, she specializes in working with professional women who are in a season of caring for aging parents and are feeling completely maxed out.  They want to find a way to balance caring for their parents while still having time for themselves without feeling guilty. 

Rayna has been where you are.  She spent 4.5 years acting as a hands-on caregiver to her dad who journeyed with Alzheimer’s. Set up a time to talk to see how coaching can help you in your season of caring.

Rayna Neises: A Season of Caring