4 kinds of peopleWhich of the 4 are You?

Often times becoming a caregiver sneaks up on us. It’s not a job we apply for or one we even get paid for. But all will agree it is a very important one.

Interestingly enough, most daughters in a season of caring I meet don’t even call themselves caregivers.

By not realizing your important role~
☑️You won’t realize the important role we are playing in our parent’s life which can cause strain in the relationship.
☑️You won’t be aware of the added stress you are under due to this role which can lead to burn out.
☑️You won’t focus on our heart priorities and can become overwhelmed.

Learning to care for yourself while you are caring for them is very important!

Individual Coaching can be just what you need to in order to ensure your parent is seen-not forgotten and cared for- not neglected.  Contact me to learn more about coaching with me.

Rayna Neises: A Season of Caring