Sara is an eloquent wordsmith who invites you into her life and journey of faith.  She lays her heart out for us to see and helps us to be willing to look at things in our own heart to find the truth of God and His love.

I loved how she so openly shared the growth and depth of her marriage relationship Nate.  The beautiful picture of their growth through the years was both encouraging and challenging.  So many times we expect our marriage to be easy and our husbands to just get us.  Sara’s willingness to express these things was encouraging to me and I’m sure it would be for you as well.
The part of Sara’s story which spoke to me most was her barrenness.  Her willingness to share how broke she felt and how deeply she desired the blessing of children was healing oil to my heart.  Since I have lived my own journey of infertility and miscarriage it was amazingly sweet to read of her journey to motherhood. I appreciated her vulnerability in discussing how even as she became a mom.  As her heart and arms were filled with children meant to be hers she still longed for her womb to be full of life.  The Lord is so faithful to bless us even as we are still growing in understanding of His imaginable love and mercy. There was a part of Sara’s story which I did not relate to.  Though I have struggled with barrenness and losing 2 children to miscarriage I never struggled with it being my fault or punishment from God.  Though the loneliness and heartache was a part of my story I am thankful I did not experience the feelings of brokenness she did.  I was very saddened by her expression of this struggle.  I hope that if you have felt this way Sara’s story will bless you and help you move from this lie to healing and wholeness.

Rayna Neises: A Season of Caring