<h1>My laptop has just toppled onto the floor as my pug jumped barking off the chair we were sharing.  Oh man, please let it be OK was my first thought.</h1>

As I picked it up to look and see, I immediately shoot off a prayer, “Oh Lord, please let it be OK!”

It wasn’t OK, the screen was cracked.  Oh my gosh, that is not good.  Matt 6-26

It’s a touch screen laptop so the screen is important for more than just seeing what is happening.  Upon closer examination, the screen is not only cracked but it was stuck like it was being touched so it had rendered the computer useless.

I spent much of the next day exploring options to get the laptop fixed.  There were high points, one place said they could fix it for less than $200, phew I could swing that. And there were lows, other places said it will probably cost more to fix it than I had spent on it.

I finally reached the conclusion that it was not worth repairing…..but I was in the middle of facilitating an online book club and being without a computer was not an option.  I spend half of my week in KC with my dad so I had to have a mobile computer.

Where am I going to get the $600 to replace it?

After discussing it with the farmer (my husband), he told me I just needed to buy a new computer, “I am sure we will figure something out,” he said.  About that time the door bell rang and he left.

I continued to stew about having to spend the money on a new computer…..

30 minutes later the farmer walked in with a check in hand.  He handed it to me and said, “Here you go, here is the money for your new computer!”

He then headed back out the door saying, “God always gives us what we need.  He just bought your computer for you!”

The man at the door had stopped by to see if my husband had anymore alfalfa seed.  He had bought some from him a few years ago and just thought he would see if there was still some available.  The check was for seed which had been sitting in the shed for almost 3 years.

The check was for $600.00.

I sat down almost in tears.  “Man, Lord, why do I continue to do anything besides trust you?” I spent a few minutes just praising our most gracious Lord for His continual faithfulness!

Whatever you are experiencing in life, no matter what transition it might be, NEVER forget God Comes Through In Big Ways!

Please share below an experience where God came through in a BIG Way for you.  I am looking forward to praising the Lord for His faithfulness to you too!






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