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Believing Jesus is a fun, entertaining and challenging look at the book of Acts.

Lisa’s style is one of a story teller.  The journey through Acts takes us on a walk with the disciples after Jesus has ascended and they were left to learn to walk with the Holy Spirit even when they didn’t quite understand who the spirit was.

Lisa keeps the journey real in every way, from sharing personal experiences in same the style in which she shares the scriptures.

Though it is a fun read it does not lack the power of the word of God.  Lisa is both a gifted storyteller and theologian.  There is no doubt God has things for you to learn as you journey through Acts in a whole new way.

Each chapter is laid out with her personal journey into motherhood, moves into the scriptural account of Acts and then application.

Scriptures came to life in Lisa’s fun style.  She substitutes modern modes of transportation and takes a friendly approach with the apostles; for example calling Peter, Pete all the time.  Lisa makes the experience of reading Acts like living there.

I was especially touched by the chapters sharing about Pete’s conversion and very difficult road of walking in obedience.  It both made me love the Lord more because of seeing His hand in all of Pete’s experiences and respect Pete more due to the fact that he remains faithful.

Pete’s persecution was mind boggling in so many ways.  I am so thankful He was faithful and the Lord gave Him just what he needed to stay that way.

If you are looking for a light hearted read with a truly spiritually challenging message then pick up *Believing Jesus!

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