I feel as if I have to be strong for others, so I focus on taking care of them instead of myself.

Although I am still deeply grieving, I worry that I should be over it by now, or that others think I should have moved on already.

Although my feelings are all over the place and sometimes I feel as if I am “going crazy,” I know that this is a normal response to loss.

I don’t feel much interest in activities that I used to really enjoy.

I feel empty inside and am not sure anymore what point there is in going on.

Journaling and other creative outlets help me explore and express what I’m feeling.

I have trouble falling asleep and, when I do, my sleep is restless and I wake up feeling tired.

I don’t want to burden my friends and loved ones with my grief so I put on a smile and hide what I’m really feeling.

I have a support group, coach or counselor, along with the support of my friends and family, to help me work through my intense emotions and overcome obstacles to my grieving.

I cry often and am afraid I won’t ever be able to stop.

I know that trying to avoid my pain will only prolong my grieving; therefore, I make time to really face all my feelings.

I draw comfort from meditation, prayer and spending time in nature. These activities help me take a more spiritual view of my situation.

In order to better handle my grief, I try to get enough sleep, eat well and avoid numbing my pain with alcohol or other substances and behaviors.

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Rayna Neises: A Season of Caring