A podcast where we share stories of hope for family caregivers breaking through loneliness to see God even in this season of life.

Stories of Hope for living content, loving well, and caring with no regrets!

Pamela Duran Guest

Episode 174

When it comes to caregiving, every journey is unique and filled with its own set of challenges. Imagine being the primary caregiver for a loved one battling with health issues like cancer and a vagus nerve condition. That’s the story of our guest today, Pamela Durand, who courageously took on these demanding responsibilities. Her experiences and insights, including the difficult decision of taking away her father’s driving privileges, empathize with the often-silent battles caregivers endure, highlighting the importance of empathy, communication, and support.

Navigating through the different seasons of caregiving, we focus on the experience of caring for aging parents. We delve into personal reflections and share anecdotes, exploring the difficult conversations and emotions that arise. Additionally, we discuss upholding the dignity of our loved ones while offering them support. We emphasize respecting and understanding the traditionalist generation and the often-overlooked complexities of caregiving.

Finally, we ride the emotional rollercoaster of caregiving, where we share our experiences and advice on managing the unexpected. We discuss the need for continuous communication, managing amplified emotions in older individuals, and the surprises that caregiving brings. Join us, as we learn, grow, and find hope in the world of caregiving.

00:01     Caregiving Journeys and Grief Simplified
15:23    Lessons and Emotions in Caregiving
22:13   Support is Key
25:22   Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus

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Pamela Duran

Pamela Duran

Pamela Duran, MBA is a IT business professional, entrepreneur, community leader, podcast host for “Real Heart Talk – You Are Enough”, hosted North Georgia’s Got Talent fundraising for domestic violence non-profits, specializing in lifting others up, problem solving, an author, singer, songwriter.

Founder of Lift Up Events designed to LIFTUP others and show them the journey is not as lonesome as it seems. Motivating and encouraging others to reach for their dreams, helping them realize a bigger vision for their lives.

She is a Spiritual Vision Coach and distributes free bibles and encouraging bookmarks to help arm her community with their sword of the spirit during these times of spiritual warfare.

Pamela has a heart and passion to make an impact in this world. She loves the Lord, her family, writing, singing, and songwriting.


*Transcript is an actual recount of the live conversation

            Meet Your Host

Rayna Neises

Rayna Neises, ACC

Author of No Regrets: Hope for Your Caregiving Season, Editor of Content Magazine, ICF Certified Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host, & Positive Approach to Care® Independent Trainer offering encouragement, support, and resources to those who are in a Season of Caring for Aging Parents.

Her passion is for those caring and their parents, so that both might be seen, not forgotten & cared for, not neglected.

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