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Episode 164

Ever felt lost in caregiving? Have you struggled with the grief and transformation that comes with this journey? Rayna Neises, your host, engages in a conversation with Debra Hallisey, a veteran caregiver and the brain behind Advocate for Mom and Dad. Debra candidly opens up about her nine-year-long caregiving journey, emphasizing the significance of self-care and self-compassion in this challenging season. 

They discuss the often-neglected subjects of caregiver grief and trauma. The persistence of fight/flight/fear mode, even post-caregiving, and overlooked caregiver grief is something they delve into. Also pondering delayed grief, an emotion common among caregivers managing a multitude of life circumstances. 

But it’s not all gloom! This episode also brings out transformative power of caregiving, and how it fosters self-awareness and deeper relationships. Debra reflects on her journey of finding peace despite her grief.  She also discussed how God is always present and how caregiving changed her relationship with her mother. This episode is a treasure trove of heartfelt stories and practical insights for anyone also in a caregiving season.

0:04     Navigating the Seasons of Caregiving
7:33    Grieving and Adjusting to New Normal
19:13   Transformative Caregiving With God’s Presence
30:11  This episode is sponsored by Finding Peace in Grief: A Resource for Broken-hearted Caregivers

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Debra Hallisey

Debra Hallisey

Deb Hallisey is a past caregiver who lost her job due to caregiving. As a result, she founded her company Advocate for Mom and Dad. Deb writes on caregiving issues for adult children of aging parents at her website www.AdvocateforMomandDad.com.

She is the author of two books Your Caregiver Relationship Contract, a practical, step-by-step guide for discussing relationship issues that arise between caregivers and their care partners. And A Relationship Contract for Dementia Caregivers, which provides the reader with practical knowledge and necessary steps at each stage of the disease, to continuously adapt your practices and expectations to meet the needs of the person you care for and, more importantly, your own needs as the disease progresses.


Your Caregiver Relationship Contract

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A Relationship Contract for Dementia Caregivers


*Transcript is an actual recount of the live conversation
[00:00:00] Rayna Neises: Welcome. Hi. It’s Rayna Neises, your host, with A Season of Caring Podcast, where we share stories of hope for family caregivers breaking through the busyness and loneliness of caregiving to see God in every season of life. I’m excited to introduce you today to Deborah Hallisey.

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Rayna Neises, ACC

Author of No Regrets: Hope for Your Caregiving Season, Editor of Content Magazine, ICF Certified Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host, & Positive Approach to Care® Independent Trainer offering encouragement, support, and resources to those who are in a Season of Caring for Aging Parents.

Her passion is for those caring and their parents, so that both might be seen, not forgotten & cared for, not neglected.

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