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Bob's Medication Chart

My sister, Robin, took Dad’s medication chart to the next level and it saved us in so many ways.  The chart not only included what meds he was taking but a description of the pill, when it was prescribed, for what, if there were any side effects or dosing adjustments, and more.

Bob's Day Caregiver Feedback Forms

We found communication was critical from what Dad ate to how much of it he ate.  How he spent his time to how much rest he got. The communication between caregiver to caregiver as well as caregiver to family member made our teamwork best.  The forms also came in handy to be able to answer the questions the doctors had for us at typical visits or in times of illness.

Bob's Routines

We felt it was very important that we help to make my Dad’s life as much like it was as when he was in charge of his own life.  Gathering his daily routines, likes and dislikes was something we did early in the process of caring for him.  Training caregivers and communicating these preferences were a requirement for us.  Dad was a very routine person so these routines were important to him and helped him stay in good spirits overall.

Rayna Neises: A Season of Caring
5 Rs for Regret-free Caring

This tip sheet contains 5 things to help you enjoy a Regret-free Caring Season!

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