Get refreshed for your caregiving life.            Saturated with hope and scripture.             Stories by family caregivers who have been there. 

Readers’ thoughts on Content Magazine. . .

Caregivers live in a different world: one full of new and changing challenges that bring stress and strain. Content Magazine is full of practical tips, articles, and page after page of hope. Rayna and other contributors have walked through the messiness of caregiving, and they understand its rewards and trials. It helps to read other people’s stories and how they’ve overcome certain difficulties.

I also love that the foundation of the magazine is faith! God’s presence is front and center, and from my experience—that’s the only way to thrive through a caregiving season. No matter your caregiving experience, this magazine is like having an encourager and coach coming alongside you in the journey.

~Peggy Bode

When my husband first began his cancer battle, one of our daughters ordered t-shirts for everyone in the family that said, “In this family, no one fights alone”.  In the caregiving life, there certainly are times when you feel alone, Content Magazine reminds us that we are not.

Testimonials, stories, and ideas shared by caregivers remind us that we are part of a larger community, but most importantly the entire magazine is sprinkled with God’s word – constantly drawing us back to our true strength, Jesus Christ.

Encouragement is found in the pages of Content Magazine, and I would encourage you to pour a cup of tea, take a short break, and be refreshed.

~M. Swanson

Content Magazine meets you where you are, no matter what season of caregiving you find yourself.  Grab your favorite beverage and find a quiet space, then escape into this beautiful, soul-filled collection of stories, articles, activities and tips. You will be inspired and encouraged, as I was….and get what you need to step back into your caregiving refreshed.

~Deb Kelsey-Davis

Rayna Neises: A Season of Caring