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I’m glad you took advantage of signing up for the FREE resource that caught your eye.  I have created this page with a variety of resources so feel free to download anything that you feel can help you in your caring season.

self-care quiz

Self-Care Quiz

A simple check-in on how you are doing caring for yourself during this caring season. Just a place to start to consider what your next steps might need to be.

Meal Planner System

Meal Planning can be a challenge for everyone but it can be even more difficult during a caring season.  I share my Meal Planning System with you including a template for you start using it today!

7 ways to face adversity with courage and grace

7 Ways to Face Adversity

This season is filled with adversity, learning to face it with courage and grace can make your season the best it can be.  Check out these tips and let me know how they helped you.

10 of th Best Ways to say I love You with your actions

10 Ways to Say I Love You in Your Actions

Communication can be tricky in this season.  Sharing your love with a parent who doesn’t seem to want to talk about it can be tricky.  Here are 10 ways to use actions to show your love!

You might also find some good support at the over 90 podcast episodes of A Season of Caring!

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