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Your Caring Style is


As a Hannah, you are an advocate for your loved one when it’s most needed and the going gets tough.

You will help retain the best help, and let the ones go that are not a good fit.

You feel most supportive as a caregiver by leading important conversations with medical personnel or family, and ensuring a schedule works.

Viewing change as a challenge to create steadiness for the new “norm” is one of your strengths, and you are really good at running day-to-day things while problem-solving.

Do you see yourself in Hannah?

Most likely you see yourself as a combination of personalities, so you will want to know more about the other HOPE team members.  You will find all 4 of the HOPE team styles in an email from in your inbox soon.  Be sure to add me to your address book so you don’t miss out.


Disclaimer: this is an informal activity meant for leisure only, and not for formal guidance on being a caretaker.

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