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Encouragement for your season of caring series
A FREE online opportunity to be encouraged by caregivers who have been or are where you are.  Each session is no more than 45 minutes long, we know you are busy and what you do is important. But we also know you are important too! 

August 24th- September 4th

Why attend the Encouragement for your season of caring series

Experience Support

Having the support of others moves this caring season into a time of growth and hope.

Be Refreshed

We know you are tired. The work you are doing is so important.  Join us to be re-energized for another day.

Discover Inspiration

There is so much to know and do as a caregiver.  We will remind you how grace and love can be just what you need to press on.

Find Empowerment

Learn how to have those difficult conversations with your family, doctors and other caregivers.

The Speakers

Rayna Neises

Rayna Neises

A Season of Caring
Kelly Johnson & Deb Kelsey-Davis

Kelly Johnson & Deb Kelsey-Davis

The Schedule

A new video will be released Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:00 am.  You can access the video for 48 hours.  All videos will be available September 5th and 6th.

August 24th

Speaker: Karen Weaver

Overcoming Life Changing Events

Topic: Becoming a caregiver overnight


August 28th

Speaker: Rayna Neises

Leaning into Love

Topic: You need a team


September 2nd

Speaker: Laura Beth DeHority

I know everybody means well, but there are just too many hard conversations going on right now…..

Topic: Good Communication


August 26th

Speaker: Susan Rush

Just because you’ve been given a cactus, you don’t have to sit on it

Topic: Emotions of caregiving


August 31st

Speakers: Kelly Johnson & Deb Kelsey-Davis

Let’s Get Real:  Help is NOT a 4-letter Word

 Topic: Support is a requirement


September 4th

Speakers: Kelly Johnson & Deb Kelsey-Davis, Laura Beth DeHority, Karen Weaver, Susan Rush and Rayna Neises

Panel Discussion with all Speakers



Time's running out!








Rayna Neises: A Season of Caring