I am excited to be curating a magazine for family caregivers. My heart is for helping them because I have been there. Content Magazine is a faith-based electronic magazine for the family caregiver who is feeling empty, tired, and like no one sees them or all that they do.  The truth is, God sees and is always in the caregiving season. Sometimes we just need a reminder.

Content Magazine will be packed full of stories from others in a caregiving season, practical tips, prayers, inspiration, and brain trainers for fun. It is delivered directly to each subscriber’s email quarterly.

I would love your help in supporting these amazing people.  Please look at the information below on articles that I am looking for others to submit for the next publication.

See the content calendar for themes and deadlines.

Please note that Content magazine is changing to monthly.  Sadly, not all submissions will be able to be published.

Thank you for sharing your stories with me!



Themes & Deadlines

Highlighted Caregiver Story– 800-1000 words plus a 150-word bio and your headshot. 

Share a special part of your caregiving story and how God showed up for you and/or the person you are caring for. 

Caregiver Story – 150-300 words all-inclusive. 25-word Bio with 1 link 

Share a story about your caregiving season which will encourage other caregivers. 

Funny Story – 150-3—words all-inclusive. 25-word Bio with 1 link 

Share a funny caregiver story from your caregiving season which will help other caregivers laugh. 

Devotional-250-350 words all-inclusive. 25-word Bio with 1 link 

Share a devotional with this layout: Title, Scripture on top, Body, Prayer  

Poem or Prayer– up to twenty lines. 25-word Bio with 1 link

Caregiver Tips- 1000-2000 words all-inclusive. 75-word Bio with 1 link

Rayna Neises: A Season of Caring