I always take charge or lead conversations necessary and important.

If someone needs to be fired, I’m your person.

I don’t mind showing how I am feeling inside.

I will confront situations to settle things

I analyze complicated situations before I ever speak.

I don’t share an opinion, unless I have thoughtfully considered all points of view.

I get nervous if we have to deviate from the plan.

I am very flexible, my motto is “you won’t know if you don’t try”.

I love to research and know all the tiny little details about things.

Details can overwhelm me, just give me the big picture idea.

I love people and events, the more the merrier.

I prefer one on one and very small groups of people.

I get nervous about making the wrong decision.

I get stuck frequently in making decisions.

I get overwhelmed a lot with too many things to do.

I thrive with a full calendar with lots to do.

I say what I want and what I mean in a direct way.

I say what I need to in a nice way for you not to get hurt.

I hate the idea of change, and feel much safer with routine.

I love new change and new possibilities.

I am steady, always calculating the cost.

I would describe myself as quiet, soft demeanor, people person.

I would describe myself as energetic, talkative, highly relational.

I don’t need approval from others, I do what I think best.

I want to make sure we’re always okay with each other, and long to have your approval.

HOPE Caring Quiz
Hank is an advocate for their loved one when most needed and the going gets tough. They will help retain the best help, and let the ones go that are not a good fit. The Hank’s of the world feel most supportive as a caregiver by leading important conversations with medical personnel or family, and ensuring a schedule works. They will view change as a challenge to create steadiness for the new “norm”, and are really good at running day-to-day things while problem solving.
Opal will be an encourager and try to keep things “light” even though it is a difficult situation. They will be right by your side, and bring laughter on those gloomy days. The Opal’s will make sure they know every person their loved one is in contact with, and try to form a relationship beyond the medical care to ensure your very best care. Opal’s are great at being flexible to fit into the needs of daily changes, and will take action to help get things done when the need arises.
As a Paul, you are loyal no matter what by keeping in touch, staying the course, and understanding all the needs to see where you can help best. You may bravely put a smile on, but be nervous and overwhelmed inside with tackling all the new changes. You will not want to take a lead in making decisions and only do so if it demands it of you. You will be every bit of the support system to help out with a gentle, quiet spirit that tries to keep the peace with everyone during the difficult transition as a caregiver.
Elizabeth’s will make sure everything is done correctly….from taking medications, bringing in new people to help, getting daily exercise, and more. They will oversee the person they are taking care of to ensure everything is done right, and will research all avenues to have the best help possible. Elizabeth’s will be a valuable resource of information that is necessary for each transitioning stage. They may not always be most engaging but will stick around to add meaningful conversations when necessary.
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4 Things you need to know as you begin your season of caring

4 Things you need to know as you begin your season of caring

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