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Your Caring Style is


As a Paul, you are loyal no matter what by keeping in touch, staying the course, and understanding all the needs to see where you can help best.

You may bravely put a smile on, but be nervous and overwhelmed inside with tackling all the new changes. 

You will not want to take a lead in making decisions and only do so if it demands it of you. 

You will be every bit of the support system to help out with a gentle, quiet spirit that tries to keep the peace with everyone during the difficult transition as a caregiver.

Do you see yourself in Paul?

Most likely you see yourself as a combination of personalities, so you will want to know more about the other HOPE team members.  You will find all 4 of the HOPE team styles in an email from in your inbox soon.  Be sure to add me to your address book so you don’t miss out.


Disclaimer: this is an informal activity meant for leisure only, and not for formal guidance on being a caretaker.

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