Kinsey Oglesby

I am a Soul Care and Story Coach that cares very tenderly for women suffering from spiritual exhaustion, performance-driven Christianity, and developmental trauma. My own life journey has been fraught with many tragic losses, confusion, and despair.

God met me in the valley of the shadow of death. He gathered me into His arms and embraced me. His love was not conditional upon my performance as a wife, mother, or member of the local church. It was not contingent on how many books I read, retreats I attended, or Bible verses I could quote. In my messiest of messes, He loved me.

His love has penetrated my deepest core. In the safety of His arms, I learned of my uniqueness and value. I went from being the devoted servant of a demanding King to the cherished daughter of an adoring Father. It’s made all the difference in the world.

It’s my life passion to lead people into this sweet place of healing and intimacy.

Fun stuff:
I recently went paragliding in Idaho. I love riding my electric scooter, and I go to the beach every chance I get. Office supplies and hardware stores make me giddy. Wanna be friends?

Kinsey Oglesby

Coach Kinsey

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