Kinsey Oglesby

Ginger combines her professional expertise with biblical principles and spiritual resources to help Christian caregivers take steps towards healthier living. Ginger is a wellness professional with over 15 years of experience in the corporate wellness industry as an employee/executive health coach, wellness speaker/educator and wellness program manager/consultant. She has a MS degree in Health Promotion and has earned and maintained her MCHES and WellCoaches certifications. She is a committed follower of Christ and seeks to apply biblical principles to every area of life, including helping people to improve their health!

Through her professional experience working with employees and personal experience in the roles of wife, mother, ministry volunteer, and caregiver, Ginger understands the complexities of staying on track with good health habits in the midst of other important life priorities and challenges.

Ginger enjoys Jazzercise, Pilates, cycling, dog walking, mosaics, scrapbooking, cooking, and sometimes gardening.

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