Thoughtfully consider the following, and choose the answer below which is most like you.


I thrive with a full calendar with lots to do.

I prefer one on one and very small groups of people.

I say what I need to in a nice way for you not to get hurt.

I say what I want and what I mean in a direct way.

I am steady, always calculating the cost.

I get nervous if we have to deviate from the plan when caring for my loved one.

I get stuck frequently in making decisions.

I love to research and know all the tiny little details about things that impact my loved one's care.

Details can overwhelm me, just give me the big picture idea.

I would describe myself as quiet, soft demeanor, people person.

I hate the idea of change, and feel much safer with routine.

I would describe myself as energetic, talkative, highly relational.

I am very flexible. My motto is “you won’t know if you don’t try”.

I don’t share an opinion, unless I have thoughtfully considered all points of view.

I love change and new possibilities.

I want to make sure we’re always okay with each other, and long to have your approval.

I analyze complicated situations before I ever speak.

I will confront situations to settle things.

I always take charge or lead conversations necessary and important.

If someone needs to be fired, I’m your person.

I don’t mind showing how I am feeling inside.

I get nervous about making the wrong decision when caring for my loved one.

I love people and events, the more the merrier.

I don’t need approval from others. I do what I think best.

I get overwhelmed a lot with too many things to do.

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