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Ep 170 Gaylynn Green

Episode 170

Ever grappled with the emotional rollercoaster of being a caregiver? Join me for an enlightening chat with Gaylynn Green about her experience caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s. Gaylynn talks about her initial fears when she started noticing her mother’s dementia symptoms. She also shares her struggles to make her concerns understood by her mother’s doctor. Challenges of caregiving from afar led to moving her to Gaylynn’s home for better care.
Gaylynn’s story reveals the touching beauty of her mother’s character. Despite her disease, her mother always managed to find moments of humor and share a glimpse into her personality. We touch on the crucial role faith played in providing Gaylynn with strength and peace. Listen to her internal conflict between not wanting her mother to suffer and the fear of losing her. Gaylynn’s journey highlights the indispensable need for patience, love, and a strong sense of advocacy in caregiving.
A key take-away from our conversation is the importance of self-compassion during these challenging times. As caregivers, it’s easy to overlook our needs. However, it’s vital to remember to be kind to ourselves. We talked about the importance of trusting our intuition, asking for help when necessary, and finding healthcare professionals who appreciate the caregiver’s point-of-view. Gaylynn’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the vital role of advocacy in caregiving. Immerse yourself in Gaylynn’s inspiring journey and extract valuable lessons that can guide your caregiving journey.

9:43      Coping With Caregiving Challenges
17:37   Self-Kindness and Advocacy in Caregiving
22:48   Challenges and Solutions in Family Caregiving

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Gaylynn Green

Gaylynn Green

Gaylynn Green is a wife, sister, therapist, mother and GiGi to 4 perfect grandchildren.

Gaylynn works as a physical therapist assistant for an orthopedic surgeon.  She is also a member of Changing Minds Dementia Education Group, who provides support and training to those in the community in need!

Gaylynn has 17 years of experience helping seniors through their physical therapy regimes after injury or illness and in doing so, has extensive experience with dementia and Alzheimer’s.  This experience turned personal in 2006 when her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Dieses.  She spent the next 16 years caring for her and providing the best life possible.


*Transcript is an actual recount of the live conversation

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Her passion is for those caring and their parents, so that both might be seen, not forgotten & cared for, not neglected.

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