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Teniat Abraham

Episode 169

What happens when a strong-willed single mother becomes the caregiver for her father? How does that journey, full of emotional roller coasters and challenging realities, transform her life? In this episode, we are introduced to Tenita Abraham, a dedicated daughter who embarked on this journey of caregiving. Tenita’s story is not just about caregiving but also a testament to love, faith, and resilience – a story that will tug at your heartstrings.

Tenita Abraham, who has personally encountered the trials and obstacles of caregiving, graciously imparts to us her invaluable insights on navigating her father’s dementia-related behaviors. But it was those moments of joy, like racing down hospital corridors with her father, that kept her going. She emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and the necessity of taking breaks, a reminder we all need when dealing with challenging periods in life. 

Finally, how Tenita used social media as a window to broadcast her experiences and  wisdom gained during her journey as a caregiver. Her story serves as a beacon of hope for others walking the same path. So tune in to hear Tenita’s story, a narrative of caregiving, love, faith, and resilience. It is a shining example of finding humanity and hope amidst the complexities of life.


0:07      A Caregiver’s Journey

10:11    Discovering the Humanity in Caregiving
16:55    Navigating Caregiving Challenges and Finding Strength
28:50.   Building Legacies, Finding Hope in Caregiving

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Tenita Abraham

Tenita Abraham

Tenita Abraham is a Financial Advisor with a passion for guiding and educating others through unexpected financial challenges in life.

In 2014, as a single mother, she found herself making the decision to take in her father at the diagnosis of her father’s further declining health. This seven-year journey, which defied an unimaginable number of odds, strengthened their bond and reshaped Tenita’s life. Amidst COVID-19, the news came of entering her father into hospice and the expected months left in his life. With that news, she decided to leave her corporate career to care for her father full-time, launching entrepreneurial ventures and sharing the latter part of the journey on social media.

Together, they shared cherished moments of singing and dancing, words of wisdom, promoted new businesses, and even his final vacation wish to Maui. Tenita is honored to share this remarkable caregiving journey on the podcast, underscoring the invincible power of love, faith, and resilience.


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Her passion is for those caring and their parents, so that both might be seen, not forgotten & cared for, not neglected.

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