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Episode 166

Navigating the world of caregiving can seem like a daunting journey, especially when precious loved ones are involved. I’m excited to share an interview with Dr. Alyncia Bowen, a family caregiver and Dean at Franklin University School of Business. She has handled this responsibility with grace and resilience. Alyncia shares her personal experiences as the primary caregiver for her mother, from early adolescence to today.
Alyncia’s insightful journey into the world of caregiving truly paints a vivid picture of this role’s unique trials and triumphs. She tells heartwarming stories, including finding the ideal purple walker for her mom, highlighting the often forgotten compassion in caregiving. The conversation then leads us to discuss the importance of robust support networks, the power of intentionality in caregiving, and how even a simple spaghetti pot can communicate.
We round off our conversation with Alyncia sharing the transformational impact caregivers can make, and the crucial importance of self-care. She recounts inspiring stories of unexpected assistance she received when she needed care herself, demonstrating the immense power of community. We also delve into the dignity of those we care for, and the responsibilities tied to caregiving. This episode is a helpful guide and insightful reflection on caregiving, reminding us of the importance of sharing our experiences.

0:04      Caregiving and Mobility Challenges
8:34      Challenges and Surprises of Caregiving
17:36    Impact of Caregivers, Importance of Self-Care
25:14.   Maintaining Dignity in Caregiving Importance

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Dr. Alyncia Bowen

Dr. Alyncia Bowen

Dr. Alyncia Bowen earned her doctorate in Organization and Management from Capella University, Masters in Healthcare Administration from Central Michigan University and her Bachelor of Science from Capital University. Dr. Bowen, for over 23 years, held several leadership positions in Healthcare.

Currently she serves at Franklin University as the Dean of The Ross College of Business, Executive Director of the Franklin University Leadership Center and Co-Executive Director of the Global Center for Healthcare Education. Prior to this Dr. Bowen held positions such as Dean of Doctoral Studies and The School of Nursing, and Department Chair of Health Programs. Her 19 + years in higher education has afforded her the privilege of teaching in several countries in Western Europe and the Middle East. In 2019 Dr. Bowen was named a Faculty Fellow. Dr. Bowen, a Certified Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, was also recognized in Who’s Who in Black Columbus for 3 years. She enjoys presenting on: Transnational Education, Creating a Culture of Learning, Building Multi-generational Educational Environments, Cultural Competence, and Communities of Practice. She has numerous publications, most recently a book entitled “When God Says Wait”, book chapters on Becoming an Integrated Leader and the intersectionality of black female education leaders on race, gender, social justice and power amidst the Black Lives Matter Movement and COVID-19. She serves her community as Board President for 3 consecutive years for a non-profit organization, and various Community and Corporate Boards.


*Transcript is an actual recount of the live conversation
[00:00:00] Rayna Neises: Welcome to a Season of Caring Podcast. I’m your host, Rayna Neises, where we share stories of hope for family caregivers, breaking through the busyness and loneliness of life to see God, even in this season of life. Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Alyncia Bowen. Dr. Alyncia Bowen earned her doctorate in organization and management from Capella University.

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Rayna Neises, ACC

Author of No Regrets: Hope for Your Caregiving Season, Editor of Content Magazine, ICF Certified Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host, & Positive Approach to Care® Independent Trainer offering encouragement, support, and resources to those who are in a Season of Caring for Aging Parents.

Her passion is for those caring and their parents, so that both might be seen, not forgotten & cared for, not neglected.

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