When you were a kid what fun homemade items did you shower your parent with to show them your love?

It is the season of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  This time of year can be a mixed bag for many.  I am one of those who feel conflicting emotions, especially around Mother’s Day.  This year my mom will have been gone for 22 years and 8 or more years before her passing she did not remember she had children. That is a lot of Mother’s Days without her here to celebrate with.  But I am thankful for the mom that she was and how well she loved me.

I love this quote and this picture of my dad.   The picture was taken at a big 80th Birthday Bash we had for dad.  Though it was a room filled with lots of people who loved my dad in his many different roles of life he didn’t really know many of them.  But as you can tell on his face he could feel the love.

As your parents age, communication issues arise more and more frequently. Dementia can even progress to the point that your parent forgets who you are, or mistakes you for another older family member like your grandmother or an aunt. This can make saying, “I love you,” difficult. Sometimes you’re left wondering if they hear you or if they understand how much you love them.

You have probably noticed that your gifts look very different now than they did back in the day as well.  That is ok, they are still important because you can still show love to your parent by putting your love into action.

Finding ways to show your love during a season of caring is always a priority. You don’t have to wait for a holiday to express your love.

Stumped in how to do that?  I have a few suggestions on how to show your love in everyday ways.

  • Finally, I hope you my list has prompted you to think of ways you can express love to your parent or loved one today! I would love to hear things you do to express your love regularly.  Add a comment below.

Don’t let words be the only way you share your love!


Rayna NeisesRayna Neises understands the joys and challenges that come from a season of caring. She helped care for both of her parents during their separate battles with Alzheimer’s over a thirty-year span. She is able to look back on those days now with no regrets – and she wishes the same for every woman caring for aging parents.

To help others through this challenging season of life, Rayna has written No Regrets: Hope for Your Caregiving Season, a book filled with her own heart-warming stories and practical suggestions for journeying through a caregiving season. Rayna is an ICF Associate Certified Coach with certifications in both Life and Leadership Coaching from the Professional Christian Coaching Institute.

She is prepared to help you through your own season of caring. Learn more at ASeasonOfCaring.com and connect with Rayna on FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram.

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Rayna Neises: A Season of Caring

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